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The Easy Guide for Custom Home Buyers in Dallas, Tx

Your DFW dream home can be built without extended delays, hassle, and headaches.  We specialize in making the luxury home buying process easy.  Whether you want to design an environmentally friendly green home or a traditional home customized for your special look, we will help you get the job done right the first time.

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All-In-One Custom Home Resource So You Can Enjoy The Process

Top Custom Homes is our free guide to enjoying the home buying process.  That’s right, building your dream home should be a fun experience.  So many people come away sour because of the way companies traditionally make things complicated, drawn out, and generally difficult.  We think that’s all wrong.

Through our contacts and experienced, we’ve made things safer, easier, and simpler for you.

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A Life of Luxury

High end homes are the epitome of living the dream.  Imagine walking into your spotless, custom designed mansion and enjoying life with your family every day for the rest of your life.  You’ve earned that privilege and to make it come to fruition in the next 8 months, you have to find a home builder who can not only see your vision but get the job done.

Our company is here to connect you with the best builders Dallas has to offer.  North Texas is the landing place for many of the most luxurious homes in not only the state but the nation.  Yours is next.

Go Green

Many couples think they either make a green home or not but that’s not the case!  Eco friendliness can be built into a home on whatever level you want it to be.  Imagine a sliding scale of 1-10.  You could have a DOE Zero Energy Ready Home with special tent windows and doors, solar panels, thermal sheetrock, and energy efficient air conditioning, etc. or you can just pick however many features you want to incorporate.

It’s so cool when you incorporate green power and conservation into your home.  Although the upfront cost increases because of the labor, specialized service work, and material costs, the end result is spectacular.  Your monthly energy bill plummets and you can take great pride in knowing you’ve got an efficient, self-sustaining environment friendly home.

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This YouTube video provides a great how to guide into the custom home buying process.  The presenter talks about financing (including cash buys), the different parties involved, how zoning and city ordinances are considered, and other important details.  In less than 9 minutes, you’ll have a great burst of knowledge that you can apply to the DFW area.

Knowledge is Power

We believe a strong foundation is key to not just a great start in home building but also knowledge.  Click here to read about starting from scratch and creating a new home.  It’s important that you take a few minutes to educate yourself on the terminology used so you can better understand what’s happening.

Your Dream Home is Near

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The Backwards Budget

We’re different thinkers in a lot of ways.  We think challenging conventional wisdom is the best way to make gains and that’s what we’ve done with our backwards budget philosophy.  In our Budgeting for a Dallas Custom Home article, we discuss why researching costs first and budgeting second is a more intelligent way to financially plan for your new dream home.

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