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Looking for a custom home builder? Here are 5 Things to Consider

You want to have your dream house built and don’t want any set backs but don’t know where to start?  The best thing to do is find a custom home builder who can make your life easier by doing all the important home building details for you.  You need […]

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Calculating Extra Costs for Semi Custom Homes in the DFW and North Texas Area

When you finally have the loan for your new home built, be sure to ask your home builder about amenities and upgrades.  Amenities are features that improve the entire community like a neighborhood pool or park, health and fitness headquarters or a gated entryway.  Upgrades extract to […]

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The Right Custom Home Builders in Dallas Tx (The Quick Guide)

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a $500,000 house or a $5 million dollar mansion, if you choose the wrong home builder, it can sink your ship in a hurry. So when you’re researching who should build your new Dallas home, by all means take your time […]

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How to Find the Best DFW Property for Your New Custom Home in North Texas

Whether you’re in Dallas or Fort Worth, there’s a sea of lots available to build your custom home on. Let’s talk about some different ways to find your location and, once you hone in on a target, decide if it’s able to suit your needs. The first […]

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Green Custom Builders Can Make Your New Dallas Home Efficient and Eco Friendly

It’s official, green homes are trendy (especially in the DFW area) and that trend is here to stay.  But what’s powering the eco-friendly surge?  Let’s take a look at why it’s worth it to go green when designing your new custom home. #1 Help the Environment The […]

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The Backwards Budget Formula for Building a Custom Home in Dallas, Texas

Rule #1 of buying a custom home is to research the cost of building a new home from scratch in the locations you’re eyeing and then make a budget. But Why? Because too many people fall into the trap of setting a budget and then grumbling every […]

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It’s About You

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