Calculating Extra Costs for Semi Custom Homes in the DFW and North Texas Area

When you finally have the loan for your new home built, be sure to ask your home builder about amenities and upgrades.  Amenities are features that improve the entire community like a neighborhood pool or park, health and fitness headquarters or a gated entryway.  Upgrades extract to added features or novelties you pay added expenses for in order to improve your home, like certain types of flooring or appliances.

Extras aren’t just for traditional home plans or semi-custom homes.  If you have a house plan created with your home builder, you often can leave the possibility of upgrades open for certain features to be purchased or integrated down the road.

Make sure to ask your DFW custom builder about a feature sheet with a rundown of the basic possibilities available to you but keep in mind this is a custom home so you can improvise and go beyond the listings.

If you don’t understand what the builder is offering you, ask them to elaborate on what it is they’re giving you options on and be sure to take notes during.

You can learn more about amenities for luxury homes here.

However, before you even ask about extras and amenities, make sure to know what comes packaged into the price of your semi-custom home.  Most types of flooring, for example, will be calculated as an extra.  Here’s a YouTube video that breaks down what types of floors you can have in your new home.

Here are some additional considerations:

First, If a stove is included with your home, visit the showroom to see what type of model it is and if you’re offered the basic stove, but you’re a gourmet cook, it makes sense to catch this problem right away and ask for the necessary upgrades for your stove.

Secondly, have a very good understanding of what you looking for and then be sure to also point out what you want without question (in this case, no exceptions made). These are two different things when it comes to upgrades and you should be sure to make things clear right away what you can and cannot live with.

dfw custom homes

Third, ballpark the costs of extras by yourself (or hire a consultant to watch over the process) so if you know if your luxury add-ons and the associated labor and service costs are on point.  Because you followed our guide, we know you hired a reputable custom home builder but it never hurts to either watch over the process yourself or to hire a third party to ensure everything runs smoothly for you.

Keep in mind that home builders have to make a healthy profit on the project so you have to factor that in on the costs.  They’re using their connections to deliver and integrate exactly what you want without having to shop for it, ship it, and install or customize cabinets, for example, so keep that time savings and upfront cost in mind when evaluating prices.

Your Dallas dream home isn’t that far off.  If you’ve read through our website, you have a tremendous headstart to living in your new custom home within 8 months!

If you would like to hire a consultant and/or a luxury home builder please feel free to contact us.  We’re currently working on our recommendations and reviews – to get the latest update, follow us on Facebook.  You can read our general overview on Dallas custom home builders on our homepage.

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