Green Custom Builders Can Make Your New Dallas Home Efficient and Eco Friendly

It’s official, green homes are trendy (especially in the DFW area) and that trend is here to stay.  But what’s powering the eco-friendly surge?  Let’s take a look at why it’s worth it to go green when designing your new custom home.

#1 Help the Environment

The environmental benefits to you building a green custom home are huge. Here are a few of the perks to both mother nature, you, and the DFW community:

  • Better water and air quality
  • Less waste is reduced
  • You reduce your carbon footprint
  • Priceless natural resources are conserved and even restored in some cases

#2 You Save Money in Not Too Distant Future

Let’s not beat around the bush, when you research green custom home builders in the Dallas area, you’ll find there’s a significant upfront investment required when you go green with your future residence.  But it’s short-sighted to stop the discussion there.

First, economic benefits in the form of tax savings and dramatically lower energy bills will start offsetting your costs immediately.  The bigger your family or home is – or the more energy you use regardless – the more this savings can be leveraged into bigger dollars.

Second, it’s a lot cheaper to build green at the beginning than it is to try to convert to an eco-friendly home later down the road.  Many home buyers elect to defer on energy efficient measures for “another day” only to realize that the best time is when construction breaks.  This is often said to be the forgotten savings.

green custom home builders save electricity

The future is bright when you’re less reliant on the power companies.

Moreover, don’t forget that as more and more people rely on energy, costs will likely increase so simply calculating the raw cost of electricity won’t take into account any price increases down the road.

Oh, and we almost forgot that if you ever need to sell your home, all of those energy saving measures you implemented into the design and construction of the house increase the resale value of it.

Find out about the precise savings at energy.gov/savings.

#3 It’s Healthy, Socially Responsible, and Cool

When you have a state of the art green home, you become a leader in not only your neighborhood but the community.  The green movement has really taken hold in the affluent North and Northeast Dallas areas like Preston Hollow, Lakewood, and University Park.  Of course, the already existing wealthy homes are only able to remodel green, not start green.

Anyways, here’s a list of what a new green home can do for your social and personal status:

  • Increase the healthiness of your home and therefore your family
  • Make your house look more modern and tech
  • Get a lighter feel and vibe throughout your living space
  • Decrease strain on your home’s infrastructure

So How Do I Go Green?

Whether your budget is luxury or beginner, there are a bevy of options for you.

Of course solar panel installation is the first thing that comes to mind but did you know wind turbines are becoming a part of the process too?  You’ll need a bigger lot for this and you have to check zoning ordinances but wind energy is certainly on the table.

Beyond producing energy, you can conserve by having custom home builders use lighter, more dynamic building materials and systems.  This can lower water usage, reduce energy consumption, and effect “how hard” your home is working.

Additionally, water collection is now a staple of uber environmentally friendly off the grid type houses.  Yes, a water retention and filtration in-home system is possible which is huge and will become ever more popular in new homes.

Spray foam insulation is yet another significant progression in newly built homes.  Spray foam is now replacing fiberglass which provides numerous advantages in the form of cleaner air, less moisture build up, and a more temperature resistant structure.

Going forward, it’s not just about getting the luxury home of your dreams, you can now get a custom built home that runs efficiently, helps the environment, saves money, and looks amazing.

Excited to build your future?  Read our article on researching DFW custom home lots so you can get started right away.

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